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Dentist Chair
Dentist Chairs

Jaw Surgery

Dental Implants

Periodontics is the treatment of gums and bones surrounding the teeth. During the examination, bones are evaluated, measurements are taken, conditions in which the disease may occur are evaluated, and appropriate treatment is applied.


Bone graft Sinus lift

A dental implant is the placement of an artificial tooth to fill the gaps in the place of the lost tooth. Dental implants placed single or multiple in non-teeth areas will be no different from your own teeth.


Impacted tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 20-25. Sometimes they do not grow at all (impacted teeth) or they grow incorrectly (dystopic teeth). There are often situations when there are medical indications for the removal of these teeth.You should consult your doctor to have your wisdom teeth removed without damaging your teeth.


Gum recession treatment

The gums recede and the root of the tooth is exposed. There may be many reasons for this: Incorrect bite, too aggressive and improper brushing of teeth, inadequate hygiene, leading to gum disease. Retraction causes tooth sensitivity and the development of root caries. In later stages, teeth become loose and even fall out. Therefore, gum recession should be treated as a serious disease and treatment should be started immediately.


Removal of dental cyst

It occurs when the root canals are inadequately or incompletely filled during dental treatment and infection remains inside them. A doctor should be consulted for treatment.

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