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Zirconium Coating

Zirconium will be an excellent choice for those who want to have an aesthetic smile. It is an alloy close to natural tooth color. No metal is used in the structure of zirconium teeth. For this reason, zirconium dental coating can be applied in a short time even in patients with metal allergies. Zirconium has high compatibility with tooth tissue. There are no complaints such as bruising or discoloration of the gums during the application. When zirconium crowns need to be replaced, the procedure can be done without damaging the tooth. It gives a result close to the natural tooth color and structure of your teeth.

How is Zirconium Coating applied to the tooth?

The patient is examined with a digital device and measurements of his teeth are taken. Then, zirconium coatings suitable for the patient are designed and prepared in the laboratory. The teeth to be treated are treated with zirconium coating after local anesthesia.

How should hygiene be in Zirconium Coating?

See your doctor for a dental exam twice a year. Tooth brushing should be done twice a day with a soft brush. Between the teeth should be cleaned thoroughly with dental floss.

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